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Eleven grey tone

Eleven. monochrome


Five. large, boxed, grey, yellow.

five lrg grey 2

Five. large, boxed, grey.

five small plinth grey

Five. small, plinth, grey.


Three. medium, plinth, white, grey, yellow.


Three. medium, boxed, white, grey, yellow.

two light grey yellow

Two. small, boxed, grey, yellow.


Two. medium, boxed, grey, yellow.

Two dark grey yellow

Two. large, boxed, grey, yellow.

Katie Lowe 3 300

Eleven. ocean

Contrast 11 Marine 1

Eleven. marine


Five. small, boxed, ocean

small five alternate

Five. small, boxed, alternate, marine.


Five. medium, boxed, azure

Katie Lowe - 3 - Five

Five. large, boxed, marine

three - one of each

Three. mixed, boxed, alternate, marine.


Three. mixed, boxed, alternate, orange.

Ocean 3 boxed

Three. mixed, boxed, alternate, ocean.

powder medium

Three. medium, boxed, alternate, powder.

small mediumdark

One. small, boxed, blue.

medium lightmedium

One. medium, boxed, blue.

large dark

One. large, boxed, blue.

Katie Lowe 4 300

Cluster boxes. mixed, boxed, blue.

orange shelf

Single vessels. mixed colours and size.

blue baubles

Baubles. matte, blue.

glazed baubles

Baubles. glazed.

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